JOY X Libeau Video EPK / 2019

We perform live and create Downtempo / Post-punk

Two musical geniuses (JOY/ Synth & Libeau / Vocal)  join forces together to pursue finding pure joy in experimenting and creating music in sustainable manner with hopes to resonate amongst like-minded people.

We are constantly uploading


This represents the inside view of our creative process and a glance of our private life in blog style.

The sessions is filmed in only one take and improvised. We often invite guest artists and showcasing chilled jam session vibe. This Session is much more experimental and "otherside sound" of ours. Often this forms early shape of our song composition ideas. 

Whenever we decide to perform our music in nature usually somewhere in Aotearoa with eco friendly rechargeable battery , We film and we upload the content here.Sometime we really impulsively jump off the car and play at the middle of nowhere because it feels good.

It is a performance at local boutique's show-window utilizing our "electronic music" nature as our advantage. The speaker is placed out side the shop but we perform from inside. Our recent collab was with Plume Christchurch and it was successful and became our bench mark to explore more possibility in "performing conventional music in creativ e manner"

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