I have been playing and making music since my early age. As A Bass Guitarist, 
Producer,  Writer/ Composer from Japan and Aotearoa/ New Zealand.

Although, I had been struggling to choose my path as an artist or as a family business operator.In one very hot summer, I finally decided to leave my family business and to purely devote my life to music and creativities. And firmly decided to see my life and World through what I am truely passionated about. 


In Japanese culture and who has Japanese family background, It had been a huge decision to leave my family's expectations. And It was even harder for me to leave comfortably stable financial life style.

I used to feel good about living up my family's expectations and business-like marriage.

I no longer have any material assets, marriage and luxury incomes that I can always fall back to. And that was the deal when I left my family business and chose What I truely love to do.

It has been tough years for living under the compassionate government's income supports in Aoteraoa as an artist as well as a mental illness beneficiary.

But one thing that I discovered though, was,

For me to be truely creative within strict limits (money, space, social activities, time, food, status) only benefitted me to be a better artist today. 

I know something for very sure.


There really is something that you cannot buy with money.

It is ,


a true path to find your own true nature.



to be a less mother-fucker for our mother for all beings.

Maybe because

It is free

It is freedom


It is life

With Love.

Hideto Kobayashi aka *JOY*


MAY 2019

Aotearoa/ New Zealand

Evening with my three dogs.