AUGUST 24th (SAT) and 25th (SUN) 2019

@ Plume Christchurch Store and Store front.  Shop 1 / 181 High Street Christchurch

@12pm and 2pm on both dates.


Follow us on instagram @joyxlibeau

Multi-account live stream on Instagram under #shopfrontdummies

so that a variety of this event’s live streams can be watched the search under this hash tag on Instagram


And you are always welcomed to live stream us from your mobile using City's Free Wifi or/ and your mobile network


JOY X Libeau


How people can get involved;


  •     Share our event on your social media post

  •     Come to the event

  •     Do your own instagram live stream of the event and use the hashtag; #shopfrontdummies


We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come along and participate in what should be an enjoyable and exciting event.



Media/ Press; 


-The Artists’ and the event’s written brief and philosophy -


“conventional live music in an innovative manner”



“Live Music that is adaptable to surrounding environments and infrastructures"



“Spontaneous online live streams focusing on one musical showcase with limitless perspectives over multiple accounts not only by us three JOY X Libeau but also the audience

And that is tied under ;




“Creative and innovative Collab chemical reactions”


“We love our city. And our country, Aotearoa/ New Zealand”


To celebrate our music and creativity “Personally, Locally, Nationally and Globally”


Primarily, I would love to take part in Christchurch city central's revitalisation utilising cityscapes as well as existing central city boutique businesses and brands ( of my liking and/or each musician's personal liking if this concept successfully spreads. yes, even collab with stylish cheesemakers, flower shops and pizza stores... possibilities are endless).

Another goal of our project is to whistleblow to up and coming/veteran musicians to think further outside the box, out of the regular musical venues in order to perform their conventional live music in innovative ways. I believe Christchurch (and all of Cities in New Zealand) is and has been offering such great cityscapes and supportive plans to us all and I have been stressing that those must be utilised much more.

Fundamentally We will be performing at our favourite local/ national boutiques.



The event usually involves our electronic but pure live sound (no laptop) by *JOY* myself on synths and electronic pads 808s drummer Narth X and Libeau on Vocal/ Korg MS2000 . This is the live performance that makes it possible for the separation of "quiet" store insides where you can only hear Libeau's singing and the bustling music on Council owned street/pavement/ alleyway, where a speaker is placed. This is all while we artists ourselves are streaming multi-angular spontaneous broadcasts of our Musical Showcase to create different artistic perspectives, and perhaps end up having the audience create livestreams and angles of their own using city's free WIFI.

Everyone is free to watch our show however they want. Whether on the shop site, from inside the shop, on a specific angle on an online account of ours or someone else's, on some channel mainly showing my shoes or Libeau's shiny hair or Narth X 's sweaty hands (are usually broadcasted by our personal mobile phones, we presume). or Watch our entire back profile (through our rear broadcasting camera angle or collab store's participants ).



but this "online thing" is not our primary intention.

"It is about harmony. It is about how we collaborate with each other with each of our skills and talents that we are so passionate about."

Once we become more successful, we may need to find a change of venue because of the possible council land's crowd control and safety etc... that is not a bad sign. By then we shall have enough monetization options to create concerts, and popups on more independent land as well as Getting paid at concerts/events, all so we can then use these outlets as full-time musicians J.


we are also hoping all other up and coming musicians follow our footsteps and be inspired by this movement JOY X Libeau started and do the same or even do better without spending $. This made possible because of our pure passion for what we do, and fundamental human communications. We shall continue creating bridges across all boundaries for others to be able to follow through if they ever dream of doing something different.

                                                                                                                                              *JOY*  July 2019